5 Reasons to Love Train Travel

In today’s hurried world even the act of traveling from one destination to another can be stressful. Anyone who has experienced nightmarish airport security checks and flight delays would know the price of taking the fastest way to travel from one city or country to another. While there are places like in Europe best known for its scenic train journeys, there are many underrated rail journeys in the world that should be on every traveler’s must-experience list. Here are some of the best reasons to love train travel.

1. Cheaper than a plane ticket
Train travel is fairly cheaper than a plane ticket, especially for short-distance trip. It may be a slower way to get to your destination as opposed to flying. But if you can spare the time, you might be surprised as to what amazing surprises a money-saving train ride has in store for you.

2. More convenient

Over the years, airport security seemed to have become more unpleasant than ever. Stringent security checks often mean arriving at the airport at least two or three hours early is a must in anticipation of what sometimes could be a long and tedious process. This often makes a trip more of a hassle than it should be. So if you want more convenience at less the cost of an airfare, consider traveling by train on your next trip.

3. More comfortable
With airplane seat legroom seemingly shrinking over time, flying can be one of the least relaxing ways to travel. Rather than suffering through the usual inconveniences of cramped seat spaces, you may want to ditch plan rides once in a while and opt for a more comfortable train trip.

4. More eco-friendly

Mount Fuji Japan
Studies show that trains offer a more eco-friendly way to travel. It is more energy-efficient and often responsible for less CO2 emissions than taking the plane or driving a car to your destination. Given its energy-efficiency, it is fairly protected or insulated from sudden fuel price increases.

5. The journey itself is worth it
Train travel is the journey itself. It is not just about getting on and off the plane with little to see and, if you are unlucky, a lot of potentially frustrating experiences. There is nothing like a train ride that allows you to enjoy the scenery. It makes you see more and get a feel of the country. And if you are traveling across some of the most scenic train routes in the world, you are in for a spectacular experience.

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