Traveling with Marijuana in America

Can you travel with weed in your luggage in the United States?

Sad to say, even if the country you’re coming from and the country you’re going to has legalized marijuana, you’re still not allowed to carry weed. This isn’t me, though; it’s what the Transportation Security Administration or TSA says. And if you’re asking if that means no medical marijuana too, then yes, you cannot carry recreational and medical marijuana at all. And don’t even think there’s a chance you won’t get caught. After all, the TSA isn’t the only department in charge of examining your bags for cannabis and other drugs. The Federal Aviation Administration and the Department of Transportation are also responsible for that, so you basically will go through three inspections, and you’re subject to federal laws.


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How You’ll Be Checked


All right, this is how it goes: If a TSA officer suspects you for criminal activity (which, in this case, is carrying marijuana), he won’t immediately approach you and ask if you could go with them for questioning. The officer will instead refer your case to a local state law enforcer. Then, you’ll be held up at the airport for possessing cannabis. Depending on the state, they could sue you for cannabis possession according to their laws, rather than endorsing the case to the federation.

From One Country to Another

Before traveling, do check the regulations of the country when it comes to medical or recreational marijuana. You should also research the airport’s rules, especially if you’re a medical Mary Jane patient.

Some airports might check your boarding passes to ensure that it’s legal for you to bring cannabis wherever you go, while others might ask you to dispose of your marijuana to pass through security. Again, this depends on the airport. Most of the time, though, you’ll be confronted by a law enforcer. If you badly need the drug for medical purposes, then make sure you travel with a copy of your medical cannabis card or a letter from your country proclaiming that you can carry and consume the drug.


Final Words of Wisdom

The safest way to travel with weed is not to travel with it at all. Even if some agencies aren’t able to detect marijuana in your bags the first time, if you’re subject to additional search and they discover, you’ll be criminally accused by either the county, municipal, or state law enforcer. So before inspection, make sure you don’t possess marijuana at all—not in your pockets, clothing, and bags.


Have a safe flight!

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