“Pan-Islamism” and“Pan-Turkism”

In the beginning of the 20th century, “Pan-Islamism” and“Pan-Turkism” were both in complete control of the top members of the feudalist religious circle in the Ottoman Empire and became social ideology tainted with extremist religious fanaticism and national chauvinism. Such supra-class, supra- state and supranational extremist ideas on religion and ethnicity deviated from the previous […]

mountains, rivers and lakes in Xinjiang

The second Opium War launched by Britain and France lasted from 1856 to 1860. In October 1860, the joint forces of Britain and France captured Beijing. Taking credit for its “mediation” efforts between China and the British-French Joint Forces, Russia forced the Qing government to sign an unequal Beijing Treaty Between China and Russia, of […]

Suggestions for Remodeling your Kitchen

What makes a kitchen a good kitchen’? What are the factors that play an important role in determining whether your kitchen is a good place for the culinary arts? Here are some factors which can help to add some positive aspects to your kitchen. Good ambiance.-Spacious.- Good ventilation.-Durable fixtures and fittings.-Good flooring.- The convenience to […]