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Remember These When Cycling On Bridges

Cycling is not just about getting active. It’s also not just about being healthy. It’s not even just about riding to your destinations without spending too much.

Cycling is about patience. It’s also about determination. It’s even about self-discipline.

Most of all, it’s about riding to your destination with the cool wind blowing on your face and the warm sun shining down on your body – especially when cycling on bridges.

That being said, remember these when cycling on bridges:

Equip yourself.

Whether you’re going on an STP bike ride for training or just going on a 30-minute bike ride for exercising, you have to equip yourself with the necessary safety gears. This is not for you to feel how it’s really like to be a bicycle rider, but for you to prevent serious accidents that might happen as you go along the bridge.

cycling on bridges

Hydrate yourself.

No matter how long you’re cycling on bridges, it’s very important for you to hydrate yourself – just enough to replenish the nutrients that come with every droplet of sweat on your body. This is also for you to keep that energy without getting tired that much and for you to maintain that skin without getting chapped too much.

Be mindful.

Just like when driving on highways, cycling on bridges also come with rules that you need to follow – be it riding a bike as a normal activity or riding a bike as an extreme activity. Some of these include cycling on the bridge’s designated area only, cycling without overtaking any car, and cycling with a head gear on. This is not just for you to avoid getting in heat with the law officers, but also for you to be more responsible in taking care of yourself while on the road.

Any other tips when cycling on bridges? Let us know in the comments section below!